Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My Fashion Illustration

I made it in November 2009, you can see the date in that picture. When I was working as a sales promotion girl of Cardinal Brand in a Dept Store in Bogor. I spent lots of time making such drawing. That dress in the picture is a vintage dress. I was crazy about sweet vintage look and the great combination of red and blue. So I drew it.

I made this one earlier. They look awfull *sigh* But as you can see, my drawing has getting better. I've never practice my drawing again for about a month. I don't know why, it's just... I don't know, I'm not in the mood. I have more drawings that I'll post in my blog. But most of them were drawn on my note book, and they've not been colored yet.

I make fashion illustration not to really design a clothes or what, I more of designing a style. The clothes I drew sometimes taken from the fashion magazines. When I saw a cute dress or a cool studded shoes and I wish I had one, I'll draw them and combine them with other nice outfits I've seen or I have. But, yes, sometimes I just design a new dress or skirt or shirt, inspired by the pictures in a magazines or the clothes I saw in the DeptStore where I used to worked at.

That is my sketchbook. I made the cover my self, I cut the pictures from the magazines. Now you know that I am a magazine junkie. I cover it with black paper and I glued the pictures on. I add red and silver glitter glue. Can you see it? Oh, and I also glued red and white stripes also taken from the magazine on the side of the book. I made it to make my mood in drawing, but it didn't work. It's just make my mood in making sketchbook cover in my A4 sketchbook. Poor me..

So... I hope I'll make a new illustration soon. Wish me luck!!

Rainy Days

Bogor is a rainy city. I like it here, but somehow I still miss my hometown. Small town, it's almost like a village. Only bigger. We don't even have a mall and movie theater there. That town named Singkawang. That small town, where my Dad and friends live. I miss them so much.

It's weird, when I was there, I really want to get out from that boring town. But now I'm here, far far away from home, I miss the peace of a small town, the beaches, the neighborhood, and no rush hour. I know a lot of people there, in here, I'm facing new faces everyday. I really want to go home for a week or two. Have a vacation.

But I like it here too. I have nice people around me. Feels like they've known me for a long period of time. To be Honest, I don't want to have a job in my home town. I have to find a job here, in Bogor. It's more challenging, knowing that you can survive in a city far away from your family and friends. It feels like I am a big girl now, not a little princess who waits for her prince to come and get her out of her boring little world, to a wild and challenging world. This princess can find her own way. And find her own prince.. ^^

The photo I've promised you to be posted. That look was kinda vintage, I actually like a vintage style. The shirt, blue striped shirt, I bought it in Pasar Senen, a flea market in Jakarta. Have I mention that I loooove flea market? I think I have. Well, I heard that Pasar Senen was burned down not so long ago. It broke my heart to hear that. I'm sorry for their loss. And I'm sorry that I can't buy cheap yet adorable things there again. But, I don't know, maybe one day they'll build it up again. Well. hope so..

The pants, my Mom bought it for me when I was in Medan. She bought it for me to be worn by me for job interview. But it ended up in my lower closet shelf.

I love those shoes so very much! I bought them in Cibinong flea market for Rp 8.000,- I can't tell you how happy I was to see those shoes there. I just grabbed them so that nobody can see them and save them for myself. I got them and I bought them!! Yay!!

I'll post the last look tomorrow. I don't really like the last look in that photo, I like it when I saw it in the mirror. Because I looked slimmer. Hahahaha... We'll see tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Ooohh my God!! I've got 3 followers!! I've just read a comment from one of my new lovely follower about not to translate the blog in Bahasa Indonesia. Hmm... Good idea, I can save more time to manage this blog better. Thank you so much for your advice... ^^

Thinking about followers and my account in lookbook, now I don't really care if nobody hyped it. Cause having this blog make me feel like I'm not wasting too much time doing nothing. See, I'm getting more positive right now!!

I wasn't very well yesterday, I got cold, and I slept all day. I'm getting well now, thank's to my boyfriend for that. Love him... ^^

Aaah... That picture of me was taken by my boyfriend yesterday, of course when I got well. I bought that tee from flea market in Cibinong. It cost Rp 10.000, I think it's about a dollar. I don't really like the 'Real Life Shit' thing, especially the colour. Too neonic for me. But I love the sleeves. And the wedges, I bought them in the same place with the tee. They only cost Rp 8.000, less than a dollar. Best buy!! I love flea market!!

We took another photos of me in two different outfits , but I'll post them tomorrow. Hey, today is tomorrow. It's 1 am!! But I'm not sleepy at all, I've slept all day. Well, I guest I'm gonna check right now to read some good threads. I like this forum, but there are too many junkers now. Hope it'll getting less soon. So... Gotta go!! See you!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Another sad story....

I'm trying to insert a picture of me that I recently posted to lookbook, but nobody was hyped it or even commented it. Well, it wasn't really good, but it wasn't that bad. You can see clearly what i was wearing. T.T

It's just fun knowing people appreciate your post and give their comments. Even if there's only one visitor and one comment.

I wanna promise you something, I won't write in my blog if I'm in a bad mood. Like I said, I'll be a positive person, and I'm gonna make this blog a positive blog!! Enjoy!!

Hello! My Name is Metha

Yes.. Yes.. I'm Metha. I'm 21 years old girl from Singkawang, West Kalimantan, Indonesia, now livin' in Bogor, West Java, Indonesia. I'm unemployed and I don't really know what I really want in life. Sounds sad huh? But I think I'm OK with that. So... This blog will be filled with my favourite things and my dreams. Hope you'll enjoy reading someone's sad life. And please excuse my poor English.