Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Ooohh my God!! I've got 3 followers!! I've just read a comment from one of my new lovely follower about not to translate the blog in Bahasa Indonesia. Hmm... Good idea, I can save more time to manage this blog better. Thank you so much for your advice... ^^

Thinking about followers and my account in lookbook, now I don't really care if nobody hyped it. Cause having this blog make me feel like I'm not wasting too much time doing nothing. See, I'm getting more positive right now!!

I wasn't very well yesterday, I got cold, and I slept all day. I'm getting well now, thank's to my boyfriend for that. Love him... ^^

Aaah... That picture of me was taken by my boyfriend yesterday, of course when I got well. I bought that tee from flea market in Cibinong. It cost Rp 10.000, I think it's about a dollar. I don't really like the 'Real Life Shit' thing, especially the colour. Too neonic for me. But I love the sleeves. And the wedges, I bought them in the same place with the tee. They only cost Rp 8.000, less than a dollar. Best buy!! I love flea market!!

We took another photos of me in two different outfits , but I'll post them tomorrow. Hey, today is tomorrow. It's 1 am!! But I'm not sleepy at all, I've slept all day. Well, I guest I'm gonna check kaskus.us right now to read some good threads. I like this forum, but there are too many junkers now. Hope it'll getting less soon. So... Gotta go!! See you!!


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