Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Kaskus and Sambu Flea Market

I have nothing to do today -.-' I visited kaskus but I end up making a user get mad of me. Hahahahaha... It's quite funny actually, so I started to put a link to my blog in all of my posts in kaskus. Hopefully, there's some one I can talk about my passion for fashion, books movies, fashion illustration and flea market. But this user sent a visitor message to me, and he said that I'm a dumb b*tch and that I'm selfish and my whole family are selfih and it's a shame to have this kind of person (that means me :3) on earth and some other bad things like that, just because I put a link in my posts. I mean, he don't even know my full name -.-', how can he judge me like that. Kids... -.-'

Because I have sense of humor I laughed reading that kind of messages, and decided to make him mad. Don't blame me for doing that :3 I have nothing to do, so making someone who sent bad words to me get mad is doing something. So i choose doing something than doing nothing :P It's fun to make that kid angry by saying he can do nothing about me and all he can do is just watching me being more selfish person. Fufufufufu...

Who the hell in this world is not selfish? Ofcourse we care about ourselves. But I'm not that kind of selfish like that "I'm a smart and wise person" kid said, I just care about my self. I just want this blog to be known. This is what I do in my free time, that means everytime. Don't blame me if I choose to make something that can make me happy by sharing my outfits and thoughts to other people without harming or hurting them.

you just better go find something to do kido!

Anyway, I'll put some of Sambu Flea Market pictures I've visited in Medan. This time I took those picture, I was with my sister, Cindy. We went there to buy a denim vest for our youngest sister, Tasya, because she wanted to have a denim vest just like her sisters. Hahahaha... Cute girl :3 I forgot to take the picture of that vest we bought, but it was good one. Simple yet kinda girly, suit her well.
Sorry about the bad quality of the pictures, they were candid...

they even sell bras... :p

Well, that's all for today... See you in the next post! Enjoy!! ^^

Monday, April 26, 2010

late at nite...

I was bored this afternoon. So I asked my boyfriend to take my picture wearing my new floral velvet blouse I bought yesterday. But, he was in a bad mood because he lost his wallet. It wasn't a nice photoshoot he didn't enjoy it and I didn't enjoy seeing him that way.

Later he found that his wallet was on the table covered by a box and other stuffs. My poor baby... :3 He was so happy to see his wallet again.. >.<

I'm still looking for a job, and waiting for a job to come. Ooooo... I hope this waiting will end soon. I'm boring of doing nothing but sitting in front of computer -.-' I love working, I found that I'm a workaholic. And now I have to do nothing and it's torturing me... T.T

I'll go to Jakarta this Friday to give my application to some Airlines offices there. Wish me luck!! >.<

Oh, and about the outfit. The floral velvet blouse, black pump and sandals were from the one and only my fave place to shop some vintage outfits, Cibinong Flea Market!! The brown belt and lacey socks were from Bogor Trade Mall. Short was my boyfriend's, he gave it to me... :3

The picture was taken my beloved bad mood boyfriend :3

here are some more pictures

Friday, April 23, 2010

Kupu-kupu yang lucu


Kupu-kupu yang lucu
kemana engkau terbang
Hilir-mudik mencari
Bunga-bunga yang kembang
Pada tangkai yang. lemahTidakkah sayapmu
Merasa lelah

I miss my childhood!!! Everything seemed to be simple and easy. It's all different now... T.T

I miss playing with my sisters. Swinging in our home yard. Having a talk before we fall to sleep. Sharing our clothes and shoes and sometimes I'll get angry because she wear mine without telling me before. Go to school by pedicab, oooohhh!!! It was a lot of fun!!!

I fell off the pedicab once, I hurt my nose and knee. My pedicab driver didn't realize that I fell off his pedicab until I cried. Well, I didn't wanna cry actually, but then I thought that he won't stop the pedicab untill he realize that I'm not on it, and then I cried.
It wasn't hurt so much that made me wanna cry, it's just the shame... Hahahahaha...
I fell in front of a hostel, and everyone ran out to see the accident. Everyone was panic, they afraid if something on me get broken. I fell off the pedicab for a silly reason. I was sitting on the pedicab step, swinging actually, and I felt sleepy. So maybe I slept and fell.. :p

I miss that moment. I miss my friends... I was with my friend when I fell off the pedicab, and I fell in front of my friend's home (other friend) and she ran out to see me. After she was sure that I was okay, she laughed at me... And I laughed with her, pretending that she laughed with me not at me... .^.^.

I feel kinda lonelly here. I'm not a social person, so it takes more time for me to know a new person, and even more time to be close with them. So, I only have two friends in this new city for a year. Isn't that great? -.-' And I haven't meet them in a month!!! I hope I'll have a job soon, so that I can make new friends!! >.<

This picture was taken few months ago. Don't ask me where I get those items! You know where I get them. Yes! Flea market!!
My mom thinks I'm a flea market freak when I asked her to take me to a melati flea market in Medan. She said everything is too expensive in there, you won't say it a flea market if they sell expensive things. So she took me to Sambu flea market in Medan, the cheap one. But I really wanted to go to Melati, nobody wanted to take me there, and I was afraid to get lost... I will go there next time I go to visit my family in Medan!! >.<

Well. see ya in the next post!!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hi there!!

those are my latest look!!
That Jeans Jacket I bought from Cibinong Flea Market for Rp 25.000, the dress I bought from Sambu Flea Market at Medan, I was visiting my mom and my sisters in Medan and came back to Bogor just two days ago. My mom took me to this Sambu Flea market and I found a lot of great stuffs!! And, that brown bag I bought in Pasar Senen, which is also a flea market, cause I'm a flea market queen!! Brown Wedges I bought in Cibinong Flea Market for Rp 8.000!! But I didn't have time to visit Melati Flea Market in Medan, one of my fave magz wrote that there are a lot of cool and cheap stuffs there... :'(

The bad news is... I'm still jobless!! And My mom isn't very happy about that. And I'll seek for a job in Tuesday. Wish me luck!! >.<

I have my Airline staff training certificate now. I have a lot of As, I even got 100 for Fare and Ticketing. Yay!! Hope it'll help me to get a good job... >.<