Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hi there!!

those are my latest look!!
That Jeans Jacket I bought from Cibinong Flea Market for Rp 25.000, the dress I bought from Sambu Flea Market at Medan, I was visiting my mom and my sisters in Medan and came back to Bogor just two days ago. My mom took me to this Sambu Flea market and I found a lot of great stuffs!! And, that brown bag I bought in Pasar Senen, which is also a flea market, cause I'm a flea market queen!! Brown Wedges I bought in Cibinong Flea Market for Rp 8.000!! But I didn't have time to visit Melati Flea Market in Medan, one of my fave magz wrote that there are a lot of cool and cheap stuffs there... :'(

The bad news is... I'm still jobless!! And My mom isn't very happy about that. And I'll seek for a job in Tuesday. Wish me luck!! >.<

I have my Airline staff training certificate now. I have a lot of As, I even got 100 for Fare and Ticketing. Yay!! Hope it'll help me to get a good job... >.<

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