Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Kaskus and Sambu Flea Market

I have nothing to do today -.-' I visited kaskus but I end up making a user get mad of me. Hahahahaha... It's quite funny actually, so I started to put a link to my blog in all of my posts in kaskus. Hopefully, there's some one I can talk about my passion for fashion, books movies, fashion illustration and flea market. But this user sent a visitor message to me, and he said that I'm a dumb b*tch and that I'm selfish and my whole family are selfih and it's a shame to have this kind of person (that means me :3) on earth and some other bad things like that, just because I put a link in my posts. I mean, he don't even know my full name -.-', how can he judge me like that. Kids... -.-'

Because I have sense of humor I laughed reading that kind of messages, and decided to make him mad. Don't blame me for doing that :3 I have nothing to do, so making someone who sent bad words to me get mad is doing something. So i choose doing something than doing nothing :P It's fun to make that kid angry by saying he can do nothing about me and all he can do is just watching me being more selfish person. Fufufufufu...

Who the hell in this world is not selfish? Ofcourse we care about ourselves. But I'm not that kind of selfish like that "I'm a smart and wise person" kid said, I just care about my self. I just want this blog to be known. This is what I do in my free time, that means everytime. Don't blame me if I choose to make something that can make me happy by sharing my outfits and thoughts to other people without harming or hurting them.

you just better go find something to do kido!

Anyway, I'll put some of Sambu Flea Market pictures I've visited in Medan. This time I took those picture, I was with my sister, Cindy. We went there to buy a denim vest for our youngest sister, Tasya, because she wanted to have a denim vest just like her sisters. Hahahaha... Cute girl :3 I forgot to take the picture of that vest we bought, but it was good one. Simple yet kinda girly, suit her well.
Sorry about the bad quality of the pictures, they were candid...

they even sell bras... :p

Well, that's all for today... See you in the next post! Enjoy!! ^^

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