Monday, April 26, 2010

late at nite...

I was bored this afternoon. So I asked my boyfriend to take my picture wearing my new floral velvet blouse I bought yesterday. But, he was in a bad mood because he lost his wallet. It wasn't a nice photoshoot he didn't enjoy it and I didn't enjoy seeing him that way.

Later he found that his wallet was on the table covered by a box and other stuffs. My poor baby... :3 He was so happy to see his wallet again.. >.<

I'm still looking for a job, and waiting for a job to come. Ooooo... I hope this waiting will end soon. I'm boring of doing nothing but sitting in front of computer -.-' I love working, I found that I'm a workaholic. And now I have to do nothing and it's torturing me... T.T

I'll go to Jakarta this Friday to give my application to some Airlines offices there. Wish me luck!! >.<

Oh, and about the outfit. The floral velvet blouse, black pump and sandals were from the one and only my fave place to shop some vintage outfits, Cibinong Flea Market!! The brown belt and lacey socks were from Bogor Trade Mall. Short was my boyfriend's, he gave it to me... :3

The picture was taken my beloved bad mood boyfriend :3

here are some more pictures

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