Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Quick Post

I've just made an account in
and found out that I've and account in but I don't remember when did I make that account.
I decided to post more of my photos here and there.
I've red discussion forum about lookbook vs chictopia or something like that.
I think they just take it too serious... ^^

I admit that lookbook is kinda cold, people don't appreciate your post a lot, but keep trying!!
I haven't post anything in chictopia, so I can give my judgment.
Well, I've just uploaded a photo in, that velvet top with shorts and socks. It viewed twice already!! Although people have to click the photo to read the description, but they view my post anyway!! I love appreciation!! ^^

I've made two fashion illustrations recently, I'll post them later.
And my boyfriend and I have this plan in Thursday to go to Kota Tua in Jakarta.
Maybe we'll take some pictures there, then I'll post them later ^^

And ooh.. Don't ask me about the job, I've try as hard as I could, I've prayed, and I'm still waiting... *sigh*

Wish me luck!!