Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wish me luck

Long time no write... :D
I had an interview this afternoon at Sriwijaya Air, finally! I was so nervous till I almost couldn't talk at all. But, I hope a miracle can happen and they will call me for the next interview.

Last week my friend from singkawang came to visit me in Bogor. I take her to shopping places and she spent lots of money, hahahah!!

Her name is Dini, we've been best friends since we were in the first grade of elementary school. Can you imagine that? We've been best friends for about 16 years!! There were three of us, best friends. Me, Dini and Ikha. Oh.. I miss Ikha. We talked about our childhood while she was here in Bogor. We miss the old times... *sigh* I alwasy have best friends in every grade of school. Dwi and Dyan are my best friends in Junior high school. And Astri is my best friend in High school. Miss them so very much!! Now I have Esa and Veny in Bogor. Best friends mean more than just a friend. I can say that I have pretty much friends. But that's all my best girl friends. My sisters, My mom and Kak Harti are also My best girl friends. My father and my boyfriend are my best boy friends. Love them, Miss them!!

We went to Bandung in Friday, but we didn't spent much time there, thanks to traffic jam -.-'. She went back to Singkawang in Monday. I'm gonna miss her, I'm missing her and my friends in Singkawang T.T

I'll post the latest look. I was playing with animal prints about two weeks ago. There were an internet connection trouble, and I was like crazy!! Now they've fixed it.

I bought this sunglasses when i was visited Kota Tua with my boyfriend. It's just like a The Jakmania sunglasses, because it's orange. Hahahaha... I wont wear it in Bandung!

The colourfull leopard print blazer was my mom, she gave it to me. No, I asked her to gave it to me, hahahaha. Zebra print bag was bought when I was working as SPG in local Dept. Store. That leopard print flats was bought at Mangga Dua.

It's summer look. It's still rainy in Bogor, sometimes. It's a "Rainy City" anyway...

Well, wish me luck with getting that job!!

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