Sunday, September 26, 2010

I don't really like monday........

We're far away from our beloved family, friends and boyfriend... But We keep on smiling... :D

Thinking abou new year... It won't be long until the year 2011 to come. I'm sure that I won't celebrate it with my family. But what about him?

I'll miss him so much...

not so romantic picture by the way... Hahahahaha... :D

Gotta go to sleep. I have a job to do tomorrow and I have to travel from Bogor to Bandung to do that job. Which means I have to leave him here... T.T

I lose 2 kilos by the way... Yippie!!!

Gotta continue this diet with more fruits and vegetable. I'm even thinking about being a vegetarian from Monday to Friday. And eat meats in Saturday or Sunday.

Let see what I can do about that...

So, see ya later.......


  1. like to read ur daily notes..
    i'm kenzo at want to be friend of u .
    like to read it , which inspired me to start doing the same like useful for me..u n u boys are fun and realized the opened world..keep it move on good!!
    hav a facebook ??

  2. @kenzo:

    thank you for reading my blog :D
    do you have a blog?
    let me know if you do
    i'll follow it

    once again, thank you so much for visiting my blog :D