Friday, October 21, 2011

Going Home

In a month I'll be packing my clothes and shoes and bags and fly back to my hometown, Singkawang. Yaaaaaayyyyy! I'll go with my boyfriend and his father. We will go to the beach at last!! I've never been going to be beach in over a year!! Oh God!! Can you believe that?!

Back in my hometown, beach was only half hour away from home. So I often went to the beach. It wasn't the most beautiful beach in the world, but it's like heaven for me. Help me escape from the real world. And next month, finally, I can go there again!!!

Oh, I'll celebrate my 23rd birthday in Singkawang. With my family, boyfriend and friends!! Talking about friends, my best friend, Astri, visited us in Bogor last week. I spent last weekend with her and my boyfriend. Had a blast!!! We went to dead by chocolate, and go shopping in Sunday. Oh I miss her. After three years we finally met again :D. And I'll se her again next month!! Yayyyy!!

Can't wait for next month to come and dont want it to over too soon....

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Idul Fitri 1 Syawal 1432 h

Dear Allah...
You know how I miss my family so bad
I miss my mom, how she woke me up in Lebaran morning to perform shalat Id
I miss my dad, how he painted all the walls of our home for Idul Fitri
I miss Cindy, we always stoped fighting on that day (I miss our childhood)
I miss Tasya, she didnt really understand what day was that but she was exited for the foods and new clothes
I miss kak harti, who helped us with everything

I miss the time when we hide under the table while our mom prepare the meals
I miss helping my dad cleaning our home
I miss watching Lebaran program on tv
I miss those momments
and that time, I wasnt realize how wonderful my life was
until I loose it

I miss it so bad, but I know we'll never have it again
my mom and my sisters have not celebrate Idul Fitri anymore
my dad is in my home town while I'm thousands miles away from him to celebrate it together

it's not my first time celebrating Idul Fitri alone
but everytime it comes, I kinda feel gloomy and happy at the same time

but anyway

Eid Mubarak!!!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Night Out

This week I spent with girl friends, ummm, okay, girl and boy friends!!! We went out, ate junk food, shared gossips, laugh and scream!!

It's been a while since the last time I had so much fun with my friends. My boyfriend kindly let me spent the nite with them until sahur time. We went to, do ask me this, KFC and have our sahur at Madtari Dago. Went home by taxi and getting dizzy by flash lite while we took our photos inside the taxi.

I don't have all of the photos because it was taken by random cellphones and random people.

We stayed up untill the morning come while in eight my friends have to go to work. Brutal, hahahahaha!!

So, I had sooo muuuccch fun this week!! Yaaaaaayyyyy!!



300316_278922948789664_100000158840499_1359104_2115382_n (1)



Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fave Things

My friend got an accident this morning. That accident broke her left hand, and she is still at the hospital right now. We all are praying for her, wish she will get well soon.

Oh, I'm currently into Mulberry Resort 2012 collections




They're cute and sweet and adorable. I love the vintage look of this collection. It's like when I'm wearing those clothes, I'll be the girliest girl in the whole world. Love the feminin, sporty, casual, gilry, and some earthy tone in this collection. My fave!! Oh, and those bags, shoes, dresses, skirts and shirts are just make my heart beats faster... Hahahahahaha...

and also these cute Monster High dolls


I want them!!! Aren't they cute? Honestly I only watched the first episode of this creepy cutie series, but I'm in love with the dolls. Some people hate the doll version of them, they expect something more dark about these dolls. But I love this version, although it'll teach kids about pretty means skinny and plastic, but I love these cuties!!

image source : google

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Feeling Gloomy

Not really in the mood of telling story.
So, here I am wearing my old shirt, my fave jeans my new leopard prints watch and my new shocking pink bag

Darkside of Human(291)

Darkside of Human(290)

Darkside of Human(295)

Darkside of Human(293)
my new shoes!!

Darkside of Human(296)

Sorry for the poor quality of the image

Sunday, June 5, 2011


So many wedding this month.
Just attended my friend Elly's wedding this afternoon. I can't go with my boyfriend because he is attending his cousin's wedding in Malang.
I suppose to be on my uncle's wedding next week, but I'm not going because it'll be held in Toba.
Told ya, so many weddings this month.

Make me wonder, when will I have my own wedding?
well, yeah... It won't be soon after this.

I want to wear traditional wedding gown from Jawa, Batak and Melayu. Because my new familly will be consist of those different cultures. Well, I can't wait to dress like this...


and this...

and also this one...


most of my friend don't really want to wear a pure traditional wedding gown, they prefer semi-modern gown. But I Love my culture. My boyfriend said I can't wear them all. I have to choose one. But, I can't choose one!! They're beautifful!!

Well, I'll decide latter...

Friday, June 3, 2011

A letter to Allah S.W.T

thank You for giving me pain

You make me grow stronger

thank You for giving me happiness

You make me grow humble

thank You for giving me enemy

You make me forgive

thank You for giving me friends

You make me care

thank You for giving me the past

You make me memorize and smile

thank You for giving me the present

You make me learn and understand

thank You for giving me the future

You make me try and hope

but most of all

thank You for giving me my life...


Sunday, May 29, 2011

Maximum Colour

I am currently into maxi skirts, dresses, shirts, just everything maximum. And colourfull outfits, well, soft colour.
Yesterday spent my weekend in Bogor, and most of the time I just took a nap. I'm tired, lately I get very tired easily. Need more supplement I guess...

Took my outfit wearing my last year tie dye maxi dress, soft yellow cardigan and my new baby black boots!!
In love with the colour, and like I've said, the maxi dress.


That flowery belt I wore was bought from ITC Mangga Dua for Rp 10.000,- And the t shirt was bought in West Kalimantan when I lived in Singkawang. Tried to wear it without the belt.



Still can't decide which one is better, with or without belt. Hahahahaha... Take a good look of my new shoes!!


Sorry I didn't have time to take a closer picture of my shoes. Will do next time. Guess I'll start collecting maxi and soft colour outfits for breezy summer now!! It's getting hot here in West Java. That means the summer is officially here!!

Well, see ya in the next post!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hijab Fever

Allah knows I'm crazy to even thinking of wearing HIJAB
I mean, I have the most rude attitude
and I skip shalat all year long except Idul Fitri :3
and it's been 5 years (I think) since the last time I red Qur'an
I was, am, will always be a bad girl... >:(

but still, I'm thinking of wearing hijab
because I wanna feel safe...

Monday, April 4, 2011

Random Girl Stuffs

Look at my new shoes!!


They are custom made. I'm making another two pairs of shoes and they will be done in about two weeks. Yay!!

just wanna show you some of my fave shoes



The black ankle boots are my birthday gift from my beloved boyfriend. Next, my new shoes. And last but not least my eight thousand rupiahs shoes. Hahahaha

I have a lot of random girl stuffs this week


My friend gave me Maybelline volume express the falsies, MAC Lady Gaga powder plus faoundation studio fx and MAC Frost lipstick from Malaysia.

the result...




Have that glamorous look by using the red MAC frost lipstick. And I've always wanted a red lipstick!!

And the next new thing is my stripy harem pants, but you won't see the real form of the pants because I was sitting...



my face before the magic touch :/

See ya next time with my post about last weekend!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

weekend and sex and the city 2

Spent my weekend at Bogor yesterday. Didn't go out, just stayed at home with my boyfriend and his family. Such a common Sunday. Last week I asked my boyfriend to download sex and the city 2, and he did it!! Love him!! Well, I've watched it few times but I never finished it. So yesterday I watched it with my lovely boyfriend. And he was just sitting there and didn't complain much that we ended up watching girly movie. I missed my girl friends in Singkawang every time I watch sex and the city.

Well, turned out my boyfriend kinda like the movie. But something he wasn't agree about that movie, is that Carrie doesn't want to have children. My boyfriend is so traditional when it comes to marriage. Lucky for me, I'm a lot like him. He thinks every woman should be a mother one day. And I really want to be a mother one day.

Talking about mother, I was listening to slipping through my fingers by ABBA three days ago and I told my friend that the song makes me miss my mother. And you know what, the next day my mom texted me and said that she miss me. Such a strong connection between me and my mom.

Well, yesterday my boyfriend took some of my pictures. I wanted to post them on my blog because I've found new way to add larger image in blogger via flickr (hahahahah :p), but I forgot to bring the flash disk!!! So, there's nothing to be posted about the outfit.

Plan for next week, I'll buy new bag from Rosa (my boyfriend's sister). I love her bag, love her style!! Actually she's one of inspirational person for me when it comes to fashion. I think I'll buy the alexa bag, or maybe other satchel bag. And buy new shoes. And maybe stripy blazer I saw in Bandung last week, hope they haven't sell it.

See ya in the next post, and I hope that time I wont forget to bring the flash disk...

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Nite Out

Was bored tonite and decided to have dinner at a cafe across our office with my friend Sari. Open Cafe was a dim cafe. There were not enough light even for my -not-so-like-bright-light-eyes. I tried to take picture of our spaghetti bolognaise and what I got was a blurry photo, because my Samsung Corby doesnt have a blitz. Too bad...

It was delicious though, I give it 7 points for the taste and 6 points for appearance. I prefer my boyfriend and I home made spaghetti bolognaise. Heheheheheh... And the place was pretty cozy.

Well, we've planned tonite as a movie nite and go to the movie. But Vian somehow have another 'new' plan with his 'friend' at KCF Merdeka. And you know what, I'm sick of KFCs. Since Vian 's favorite place to hangout is KFC and we will end up at KFC everytime we hangout. I'm sick of it!! Enough!!

So, me and Sari ate our dinner at open cafe and then he called us and said that he bought us tickets to watch movie. And we rushed to the movie. When we got there, he didnt have any ticket!! And you know what? We ended up at... KFC!!! AGAIN!!

We still had fun though.. Hahahahaha...
But seriously, I'm sick of KFCs...

Tried this Coco Chanel style last Sunday at work. Yeah, I do have work to do at weekend at office. I wore that uniqlo strippy long sleeves and fake pearl necklace I bought at Mangga Dua ,also capry pants bought from Kings I mentioned in the last post. I was so androgenic. Hahahahaha... I wore loafer I bought at Cibinong for eight thousand rupiahs.. Hahahahahaha... How cheap is that...

That nite Vian and I got around Bandung with our friend's motorbike. It was cold and we got lost. But it was refreshing. Hehehehehe...

And, I wore this very same outfit again tonite!! Hahahahahaha... I added that knitted vest gift from my Mom.

Here are some of not so important photos with not so important poseof us. Enjoy...

No, Sari and Vian are not couples. If you boys are singles, they both are available. And remember, I never mention you girls, only boys. Hahahaha

Monday, February 21, 2011

i love earth

Just realize so many inspiring people out there. Their not celebrities or any other famous people. Their common people like us.

This morning I went to IKJ with my boyfriend with taxi. The taxi driver talked about politics and his family. I was amaze that he is smarter than me in politics. You know that I have all the access to know and understand a little bit more about politics. I have time to care about this country, but I never take time to think about it.

And then he talked about his family and how he met his wife. So touching that he marry his wife because he loved her lovely daughter for calling him daddy. He fell in love with that little girl and her mother. How he struggled to give the best life for his daughter. Then I realize that all of this time I struggled to give the best life just for my self. I just tried to make my life better for me. Not everyone else.

I stepped out the taxi and he says that he hope that someday I will be a successful person and he reminded "Don't be afraid of challenges"

While my boyfriend attended his class, I took time to think about all of my dreams. I was too afraid to make them real because I was too afraid of all the challenges. I was afraid of failing. But how would I know how bad will it be if I never try.

I'll start it all over again. Try to pursue my dreams and happiness again.

The military jacket is from Pasar Senen, Gray tanktop is gift, Skirts and belt I bought in Kings Bandung, the flats also, bag from Bogor. Can you see it's a double belts? And I love the skirts so much, I bought a pants with the same color and its very comfortable to wear.

Oh, and you know what? I just bought brown softlens!! Match the outfits!! Yay!!

can you see it?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

science project

Last Saturday my boyfriend and i took his mother to her workplace. LIPI Science Center in Cibinong. It was a good building, has a sense of Japan. And Ibu (my boyfriend's Mom) said that it was built by Japanese.

There was some kind of photo museum or something like that.

And it's kinda remind me of school corridor.

This place was also a green place for having a canteen close to trees and green grass. I'd like to work to that kind of place. Hmmm... But I have to be a scientist first, haven't I. Well, not my kind of interest. Hahahahaha...

The canteen is that building behind me covered with bamboo curtain. I can imagine it'll be so nice to have lunch there and feel the summer breeze.

Beautiful isn't it?

Post some of our narcissistic photos :p

Enjoying his cigarette and a cup of coffee. He's in heaven. Hahahaha

Now let's talk about the wardrobe...

Green and White stripes polo shirt from cibinong. Orange cardigan I bought when I was in Kalimantan. Leopard print pants from cibinong. Leopard print flats from Mangga Dua. Statement ring from Heart Warmer.

It took so long to make this posting. Thanks to the bad bad connection...