Wednesday, January 12, 2011

its 2011

New year with new look!!

Actually the maxi dress isn't new. I bought it last year. I never have any guts to wear it. But now that I tried to mix it with that loose black top, a cute stripy hat and a vintage channel bag, I love that dress!! I love this look!! This is my fave now.

Any way, I spent my new year's eve with my boyfriend. We planed to spent that nite in Bandung but then he got sick and we went back to Bogor. Ate fried rice, watched tv and had a nice conversation. Such a simple things with great meaning if you spend it with somebody you love.

A lot of things to do as my new year's resolutions!!
I've started one of them, being healthier. I spend 20 minutes everyday to do aerobic in my little room. Nothing happend yet, but we'll see..

Have a nice year!!