Monday, February 21, 2011

i love earth

Just realize so many inspiring people out there. Their not celebrities or any other famous people. Their common people like us.

This morning I went to IKJ with my boyfriend with taxi. The taxi driver talked about politics and his family. I was amaze that he is smarter than me in politics. You know that I have all the access to know and understand a little bit more about politics. I have time to care about this country, but I never take time to think about it.

And then he talked about his family and how he met his wife. So touching that he marry his wife because he loved her lovely daughter for calling him daddy. He fell in love with that little girl and her mother. How he struggled to give the best life for his daughter. Then I realize that all of this time I struggled to give the best life just for my self. I just tried to make my life better for me. Not everyone else.

I stepped out the taxi and he says that he hope that someday I will be a successful person and he reminded "Don't be afraid of challenges"

While my boyfriend attended his class, I took time to think about all of my dreams. I was too afraid to make them real because I was too afraid of all the challenges. I was afraid of failing. But how would I know how bad will it be if I never try.

I'll start it all over again. Try to pursue my dreams and happiness again.

The military jacket is from Pasar Senen, Gray tanktop is gift, Skirts and belt I bought in Kings Bandung, the flats also, bag from Bogor. Can you see it's a double belts? And I love the skirts so much, I bought a pants with the same color and its very comfortable to wear.

Oh, and you know what? I just bought brown softlens!! Match the outfits!! Yay!!

can you see it?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

science project

Last Saturday my boyfriend and i took his mother to her workplace. LIPI Science Center in Cibinong. It was a good building, has a sense of Japan. And Ibu (my boyfriend's Mom) said that it was built by Japanese.

There was some kind of photo museum or something like that.

And it's kinda remind me of school corridor.

This place was also a green place for having a canteen close to trees and green grass. I'd like to work to that kind of place. Hmmm... But I have to be a scientist first, haven't I. Well, not my kind of interest. Hahahahaha...

The canteen is that building behind me covered with bamboo curtain. I can imagine it'll be so nice to have lunch there and feel the summer breeze.

Beautiful isn't it?

Post some of our narcissistic photos :p

Enjoying his cigarette and a cup of coffee. He's in heaven. Hahahaha

Now let's talk about the wardrobe...

Green and White stripes polo shirt from cibinong. Orange cardigan I bought when I was in Kalimantan. Leopard print pants from cibinong. Leopard print flats from Mangga Dua. Statement ring from Heart Warmer.

It took so long to make this posting. Thanks to the bad bad connection...

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I cant stop chewing my chewing gum

In order to stop my mouth from chewing snacks, I chose chewing gum to be chewed. But you know what, I think I have chewing gum addiction...!!!

the suspect

Anyway, I went to this restaurant called Tahu Tidur with my friends two days ago. We ordered fried rice and ice tea (economic menu :p). They were cheap and highly recomended. Cheap but the taste wasnt cheapy. five thousand rupiah for fried rice and two thousand rupiah for the ice tea. Thats less than a dollar you know!!

Thats my cellphone and my zebra cltutch that match a zebra print bag of mine.

Getting sleepy... Off to bed in few minutes....

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

he gave me a tree instead of flowers

My sweet boyfriend gave me this rambutan flower from its dead tree to me last weekend. How sweet is that :)

He was planning to give me flowers at my birthday last year, but he ended up giving me a beautiful pair of boots. I know he always wanted to give me flowers, he's such a sweet boyfriend you know.

Here is my latest outfit..

Love that olive green crop military jacket I bought from the one and only Pasar Senen!!

I'm saving for a 'shop till drop' plan of my own next month

So, see ya...