Tuesday, February 15, 2011

science project

Last Saturday my boyfriend and i took his mother to her workplace. LIPI Science Center in Cibinong. It was a good building, has a sense of Japan. And Ibu (my boyfriend's Mom) said that it was built by Japanese.

There was some kind of photo museum or something like that.

And it's kinda remind me of school corridor.

This place was also a green place for having a canteen close to trees and green grass. I'd like to work to that kind of place. Hmmm... But I have to be a scientist first, haven't I. Well, not my kind of interest. Hahahahaha...

The canteen is that building behind me covered with bamboo curtain. I can imagine it'll be so nice to have lunch there and feel the summer breeze.

Beautiful isn't it?

Post some of our narcissistic photos :p

Enjoying his cigarette and a cup of coffee. He's in heaven. Hahahaha

Now let's talk about the wardrobe...

Green and White stripes polo shirt from cibinong. Orange cardigan I bought when I was in Kalimantan. Leopard print pants from cibinong. Leopard print flats from Mangga Dua. Statement ring from Heart Warmer.

It took so long to make this posting. Thanks to the bad bad connection...

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