Monday, March 21, 2011

weekend and sex and the city 2

Spent my weekend at Bogor yesterday. Didn't go out, just stayed at home with my boyfriend and his family. Such a common Sunday. Last week I asked my boyfriend to download sex and the city 2, and he did it!! Love him!! Well, I've watched it few times but I never finished it. So yesterday I watched it with my lovely boyfriend. And he was just sitting there and didn't complain much that we ended up watching girly movie. I missed my girl friends in Singkawang every time I watch sex and the city.

Well, turned out my boyfriend kinda like the movie. But something he wasn't agree about that movie, is that Carrie doesn't want to have children. My boyfriend is so traditional when it comes to marriage. Lucky for me, I'm a lot like him. He thinks every woman should be a mother one day. And I really want to be a mother one day.

Talking about mother, I was listening to slipping through my fingers by ABBA three days ago and I told my friend that the song makes me miss my mother. And you know what, the next day my mom texted me and said that she miss me. Such a strong connection between me and my mom.

Well, yesterday my boyfriend took some of my pictures. I wanted to post them on my blog because I've found new way to add larger image in blogger via flickr (hahahahah :p), but I forgot to bring the flash disk!!! So, there's nothing to be posted about the outfit.

Plan for next week, I'll buy new bag from Rosa (my boyfriend's sister). I love her bag, love her style!! Actually she's one of inspirational person for me when it comes to fashion. I think I'll buy the alexa bag, or maybe other satchel bag. And buy new shoes. And maybe stripy blazer I saw in Bandung last week, hope they haven't sell it.

See ya in the next post, and I hope that time I wont forget to bring the flash disk...

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