Sunday, May 29, 2011

Maximum Colour

I am currently into maxi skirts, dresses, shirts, just everything maximum. And colourfull outfits, well, soft colour.
Yesterday spent my weekend in Bogor, and most of the time I just took a nap. I'm tired, lately I get very tired easily. Need more supplement I guess...

Took my outfit wearing my last year tie dye maxi dress, soft yellow cardigan and my new baby black boots!!
In love with the colour, and like I've said, the maxi dress.


That flowery belt I wore was bought from ITC Mangga Dua for Rp 10.000,- And the t shirt was bought in West Kalimantan when I lived in Singkawang. Tried to wear it without the belt.



Still can't decide which one is better, with or without belt. Hahahahaha... Take a good look of my new shoes!!


Sorry I didn't have time to take a closer picture of my shoes. Will do next time. Guess I'll start collecting maxi and soft colour outfits for breezy summer now!! It's getting hot here in West Java. That means the summer is officially here!!

Well, see ya in the next post!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hijab Fever

Allah knows I'm crazy to even thinking of wearing HIJAB
I mean, I have the most rude attitude
and I skip shalat all year long except Idul Fitri :3
and it's been 5 years (I think) since the last time I red Qur'an
I was, am, will always be a bad girl... >:(

but still, I'm thinking of wearing hijab
because I wanna feel safe...