Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Feeling Gloomy

Not really in the mood of telling story.
So, here I am wearing my old shirt, my fave jeans my new leopard prints watch and my new shocking pink bag

Darkside of Human(291)

Darkside of Human(290)

Darkside of Human(295)

Darkside of Human(293)
my new shoes!!

Darkside of Human(296)

Sorry for the poor quality of the image

Sunday, June 5, 2011


So many wedding this month.
Just attended my friend Elly's wedding this afternoon. I can't go with my boyfriend because he is attending his cousin's wedding in Malang.
I suppose to be on my uncle's wedding next week, but I'm not going because it'll be held in Toba.
Told ya, so many weddings this month.

Make me wonder, when will I have my own wedding?
well, yeah... It won't be soon after this.

I want to wear traditional wedding gown from Jawa, Batak and Melayu. Because my new familly will be consist of those different cultures. Well, I can't wait to dress like this...


and this...

and also this one...


most of my friend don't really want to wear a pure traditional wedding gown, they prefer semi-modern gown. But I Love my culture. My boyfriend said I can't wear them all. I have to choose one. But, I can't choose one!! They're beautifful!!

Well, I'll decide latter...

Friday, June 3, 2011

A letter to Allah S.W.T

thank You for giving me pain

You make me grow stronger

thank You for giving me happiness

You make me grow humble

thank You for giving me enemy

You make me forgive

thank You for giving me friends

You make me care

thank You for giving me the past

You make me memorize and smile

thank You for giving me the present

You make me learn and understand

thank You for giving me the future

You make me try and hope

but most of all

thank You for giving me my life...