Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fave Things

My friend got an accident this morning. That accident broke her left hand, and she is still at the hospital right now. We all are praying for her, wish she will get well soon.

Oh, I'm currently into Mulberry Resort 2012 collections




They're cute and sweet and adorable. I love the vintage look of this collection. It's like when I'm wearing those clothes, I'll be the girliest girl in the whole world. Love the feminin, sporty, casual, gilry, and some earthy tone in this collection. My fave!! Oh, and those bags, shoes, dresses, skirts and shirts are just make my heart beats faster... Hahahahahaha...

and also these cute Monster High dolls


I want them!!! Aren't they cute? Honestly I only watched the first episode of this creepy cutie series, but I'm in love with the dolls. Some people hate the doll version of them, they expect something more dark about these dolls. But I love this version, although it'll teach kids about pretty means skinny and plastic, but I love these cuties!!

image source : google