Friday, October 21, 2011

Going Home

In a month I'll be packing my clothes and shoes and bags and fly back to my hometown, Singkawang. Yaaaaaayyyyy! I'll go with my boyfriend and his father. We will go to the beach at last!! I've never been going to be beach in over a year!! Oh God!! Can you believe that?!

Back in my hometown, beach was only half hour away from home. So I often went to the beach. It wasn't the most beautiful beach in the world, but it's like heaven for me. Help me escape from the real world. And next month, finally, I can go there again!!!

Oh, I'll celebrate my 23rd birthday in Singkawang. With my family, boyfriend and friends!! Talking about friends, my best friend, Astri, visited us in Bogor last week. I spent last weekend with her and my boyfriend. Had a blast!!! We went to dead by chocolate, and go shopping in Sunday. Oh I miss her. After three years we finally met again :D. And I'll se her again next month!! Yayyyy!!

Can't wait for next month to come and dont want it to over too soon....


  1. omg u met ur bestfriend after 3 years?!! I KNOW IT MUST BE A WONDERFUL FEELING TO FINALLY SEE HER! :D


  2. @cliff: it was super great to see all of my best friends!!

    @kak indi: yesss, it was a super super nice trip :D